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Meow there!!!! How's thursday going for everyone!!! Well now sice it's ThrowBack Thursday lets see how far back I can go haha!!! I wanted to share some pics of my FIRST trip to Italy almost 4 years ago..... I was pitched an Italian feature dance tour in 2015... Now I was studying , and enjoying the last few years of QT... I have always loved Italy and it's destiny that I've Come back here! So I came in April / May and stayed one month . I did 15 feature dance shows in total in the North and South of Italy even Sicily ...... Vittoria Risi Italy's most famous Porn Star showed me around her home city of Venice SO SWeet!!! When It came time for me to go home which was Los Angeles at the time I got really sad...... something told me "hey! go back to LA see how you feel" .. Well I did and after a month I couldn't get Italy off my mind! I decided that THIS was where my heart was and THIS was where my home would be... Now looking back what would I have done different??? NOTHING!! It takes courage yes to make such a leap but you also just have to believe that you will make it work:} If you want something bad enough you will find a way not an excuse to make it work because anything is possible and can be done:} So here are some pictures of my first tour and time in Italy back in 2015!!! I hope you enjoy xoxo Tera